Why is it recommended to use an upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor?

Mar 22, 2021

People who travel frequently can choose a wrist-type electronic blood pressure monitor that is more convenient to carry. However, patients with severe vascular sclerosis or vascular calcification, as well as patients with diabetes, blood pressure monitor, hypertension, and other diseases, are not suitable for the use of wrist-type and finger-type electronic blood pressure monitors. Because the blood pressure measurement value of the wrist and upper arm of such patients is usually very different, and these two types of blood pressure monitor obtain the blood pressure of the large blood vessels by converting the blood pressure of the small blood vessels at the end of the human body. The conversion process will cause errors, so it is recommended Use an upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor.


Popular science data shows that because the finger’s perception of arteries is not as good as that of the upper arm, and wrist blood pressure monitor have higher requirements for measuring posture, and the measured blood pressure is not accurate, finger and wrist blood pressure monitor are more suitable for climbers, geological surveyors, and Used by people with disabled arms.


The advantage of the upper arm blood pressure monitor is that the cuff compresses the brachial artery of the upper arm, and the arm that measures blood pressure can be easily performed (the blood pressure is marked to the right atrium level), while the wrist and finger types are both It's hard to do. Therefore, to measure blood pressure at home, it is best to use an upper-arm automatic electronic blood pressure monitor, and it should be measured when the mood is stable. Electronic blood pressure monitor need to be calibrated in time. Patients with hypertension can bring their own electronic blood pressure monitor to the hospital for comparison, and then calibrate.


The calibration of the blood pressure monitor is very important. When the family self-tested blood pressure is very different from the office blood pressure, then the hypertensive patient can bring his own home blood pressure monitor when visiting a doctor. After measuring it with the hospital blood pressure monitor in the office, use his own blood pressure later. Measure it with a meter to see if it is accurate. Generally speaking, blood pressure monitor in hospitals are regularly calibrated by a dedicated person, which is often more accurate.



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