✧  Quality Control


Incoming components quality control
We select suppliers of all components based on our own reliable evaluation system to ensure the stable and smooth production with high-quality incoming raw materials. Each batch of incoming components will be examined carefully by our QC.

Professional workers
To ensure high quality, we train the workers well until they achieve the skills properly. 
Also no detail shall be neglected, even it is just the worker’s outfit. Every worker who steps into the assembly workshop shall wear the anti-static wrist strap, hair mask and a shoe cover.

Serious QC team
We have a serious QC team to control the whole production, including the incoming components quality control. During the production, we always have QC on-site inspection. And they do regular spot check for each batch products before delivery. 

Eliminate Hazards by Pre-production
We will not start the mass production until the pre-production phase confirms that the subject is suitable for mass production.
Based on this, we aim at controllin   g and reducing the problems as much as possible from the very beginning.