Who needs to check blood pressure at home?

Mar 08, 2021
  1. People who suspect abnormal blood pressure


A measurement does not necessarily reflect the real situation. The phenomenon of "white coat hypertension" is common in medicine, that is, the patient is nervous and anxious in front of the doctor, the blood pressure measured is high, and after fully adapting to the environment, it becomes normal. Nervousness can make blood pressure 30 mmHg higher than usual.


  1. People who already have high blood pressure


Most people who already have high blood pressure need long-term medication to control their blood pressure. Long-term blood pressure measurement at home is of great significance for guiding treatment.


  1. People who have high blood pressure but have not yet reached the hypertension standard


For those whose blood pressure is too high but have not yet reached the standard of hypertension, a special ambulatory blood pressure monitoring instrument should be used according to the norms, and the diagnosis can be confirmed after 24 hours of monitoring. But ordinary people can also use an electronic blood pressure monitor to get a rough idea of ​​the situation by repeatedly measuring blood pressure at home.




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