Which blood pressure monitor is better, wrist type or upper arm type?

Mar 15, 2021

Under normal circumstances, when we go to the hospital to check the doctors use a mercury blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure, but the mercury blood pressure monitor is difficult to operate alone and requires long-term training to measure accurately. Therefore, to measure blood pressure at home, you must first buy a reliable electronic blood pressure monitor.


Blood pressure monitor cuff specifications are different, you should choose according to the thickness of your arm/wrist, please inquire when purchasing.


In addition, electronic blood pressure monitor need to be calibrated once a year, and manufacturers must provide calibration services, otherwise it is not worth buying.


Which blood pressure monitor is better, wrist type or upper arm type?


Most people use wrist blood pressure monitor, because the blood pressure monitor cannot be flush with the heart, which increases the error. Moreover, studies have shown that even if used in a standardized manner, the reliability of the upper arm blood pressure monitor is better than that of the wrist.


Therefore, the upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor should be the first choice.


Of course, the wrist blood pressure monitor is more compact and portable, and it can measure when you wear more clothes without taking off your sleeves, so it is also an option for people who travel frequently or in cold areas.




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