What to do if the infrared thermometer is broken?

Jan 01, 2021
There are three factors leading to the damage of infrared thermometer, including light factor, high temperature factor and humidity factor. The following is a simple interpretation of these three factors.
1. Illumination factor
The structure of different products of infrared thermometer has different light intensity. For example, those durable materials, such as plastics, coatings, etc., will not produce serious aging phenomenon when exposed to light. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the material composition of the product equipment.
2. High temperature factor
When the environment is heated by high temperature, the intensity of light and the degree of damage will increase. There is no direct chemical reaction between temperature and light, but there is a subtle relationship between them. Therefore, in the test of programmable infrared two-color thermometer products, to grasp the temperature range of use.
3. Humidity factor
In general, some moisture, rain, dew and so on are the factors that cause humidity. Dew formed by moisture is the main factor of outdoor humidity. Dew causes more harm than rain because it adheres to the material for a longer time, causing more serious moisture absorption. For example, the surface aging layer of wood coating is removed by rain washing, and the aging inner layer is exposed to sunlight, thus further aging occurs. In the simulation test of infrared thermometer, the damage mechanism of composites caused by humid environment has been studied clearly. In this paper, the diffusion of moisture into carbon fiber epoxy laminates is taken as an example to illustrate the aging mechanism of composites in humid atmosphere.
These three factors are very important for the product equipment, any one of them can quickly shorten the service life of the thermometer.
The repair of infrared thermometer requires high conditions. It is not only well repaired, but also has certain measurement and calibration means. Returning to the factory is a reliable choice. Here are some of the methods we provide.
1. There is no warranty or warranty period, if within the date, you can go directly to the shop where you sell it.
2. If you don't have the above conditions, you can take a look at where you bought this one and consult the store staff.
3. Look at the extent of the damage. If it is too serious, consider it and buy a new one.
4. You need to see where you bought this one, so that you can search for repair points nearby. Or something that can be fixed.
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