What should I do if "Err" appears on the cold infrared thermometer?

Apr 19, 2021
When using infrared thermometer, sometimes "Err" will be displayed on the screen. This is because infrared thermometers have environmental requirements. In general, the specific use environment of the infrared thermometer is: 10°C to 40°C. When the body temperature is measured outside this temperature range, the forehead thermometer may display "Err1" on the screen. But this does not mean that the thermometer is broken. When the ambient temperature meets the requirements of the thermometer, it can display normally. Different clinical thermometers have different requirements for environmental conditions, please refer to the instructions for details.

If "Err1" or "Err" appears on the screen due to low temperature, you can try the following suggestions:

1. The temperature measuring probe should be kept clean, and the battery power of the equipment should be sufficient;

2. When measuring body temperature, the distance between the thermometer probe and the measured part is generally between 1 cm and 3 cm, or the distance required by the instructions;

3. The operating environment temperature should be within the operating temperature range specified in the manual. If the environment temperature does not meet the requirements, the following methods are recommended:

·When measuring outdoors, it is recommended to use it in a tent
·Store the spare infrared thermometer in the incubator and use it in rotation;

·When not measuring, put it in your arms and keep warm;

·Use methods such as warming the baby to keep the thermometer warm;

·Ensure that there is no large temperature difference in the ambient temperature of the person being measured before the temperature measurement. If you are in an environment with a large temperature difference (such as suddenly entering indoors from outside), or when using the measuring instrument at outdoor low temperature, it is recommended to measure the skin parts covered by clothes or scarves, such as wrists and necks, so that the numbers can be more accurate.

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