What is a fever? 5 common senses you must know about body temperature!

May 12, 2021
How much is a fever?

The definition of fever is judged according to the body temperature. As long as the measured body temperature exceeds the normal body temperature range of the human body, it may be a fever.

The general temperature measurement methods are oral cavity, armpit and rectum, among which the temperature of rectum is closest to the real temperature of the body. If the rectal temperature is around 36.5℃-37.7℃, the oral sublingual temperature is around 36.3℃-37.2℃, and the axillary temperature is around 36℃-37℃, it belongs to the normal body temperature range of the human body. Once it exceeds this temperature range, it is usually considered a fever. Take the underarm temperature as an example, the normal temperature is 36°C-37°C. Then 37.3℃-38℃ is considered a low fever, and 38.1℃-40℃ is considered a high fever.

What are the factors that affect body temperature?

Body temperature is not fixed, it fluctuates with changes in factors such as age, gender, day and night, exercise, and mood.

From the point of view of female body temperature, it will fluctuate greatly in the progesterone secretion cycle. Generally, the body temperature will rise slightly in the premenstrual period and early pregnancy, while it will slightly decrease during the ovulation period. In other populations, children’s body temperature is a little higher than that of adults, while the elderly’s body temperature is relatively lower. In addition, the body temperature of newborn children is easily affected by changes in the outside world, because the development of the central nervous system of the newborn is not perfect, and the development of skin sweat glands is not complete, so the body temperature regulation ability is poor and easy to fluctuate. The elderly have low basal metabolic rate and relatively low body temperature. For ordinary people, the body temperature is generally low from 2 am to 5 am, and the body temperature is higher from 5 am to 7 pm in the evening. And around 8 o'clock in the morning, around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and around 8 o'clock in the evening, the body temperature is relatively normal. In addition, generally after exercise and when emotionally excited, the body temperature is relatively high, and being in a low temperature environment will also affect the changes in body temperature, and the body temperature is relatively low.

How to measure body temperature more accurately?

For underarm temperature measurement, make sure that the underarm is dry before the temperature measurement, and there is no overheating or overcold thing placed under the underarm. For oral temperature measurement, ensure that the thermometer is clean and safe. Pay attention to the use of disinfectants. Do not drink hot water or ice drinks ten minutes before the temperature measurement. Pay attention to the safety of children and avoid biting. For rectal temperature measurement, it is necessary to ensure that the thermometer is clean and sanitary before and after use, clean and disinfected, and grasp the strength and insertion position when inserted into the body to ensure the gentle movement.

The clinical thermometer is so dangerous, what can replace the temperature measurement?

Traditional glass mercury thermometers have the characteristics of accurate measurement results, high stability, and low price. However, mercury is harmful to human health. Once the mercury vapor is destroyed and inhaled, it will reach the various organs of the body through blood circulation, and it can also pass through The blood-brain barrier damages the human central nervous system. There is a greater danger to babies and fetuses that are still growing. Taking into account the harm of mercury in clinical thermometers, many foreign countries have already banned the use. With the development of modern technology, the traditional glass mercury thermometers are gradually replaced by infrared forehead thermometers and ear thermometers. The latter are more convenient, safer and more hygienic to use, and are easy to operate, and the body temperature can be measured quickly.

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