The Features of Blood Pressure Monitors

Dec 21, 2020
Simultaneous measurement of ECG: Each time the blood pressure is measured, the ECG waveform of up to 20 seconds is recorded, which constitutes blood pressure/electrocardiogram dual monitoring.

Pulse wave: blood pressure monitoring pulse wave holographic review, can be used as a reference for doctors to evaluate the degree of flexibility of the patient's blood vessels.

Infrared transmission: Infrared transmission technology is used for monitor information playback to avoid accidental failure in wired data transmission, resulting in 24-hour data loss.

Pressure measurement range: 10-300mmHg, accuracy ±2 mmHg, pressure measurement interval can be set arbitrarily.

Analysis software: easy to operate, convenient, and good user interface. A variety of analysis charts, (text map, trend graph, histogram, lift graph, correlation graph, day and night extreme map, statistical graph, ECG).

Digital Blood pressure monitor

Measuring principle: The oscillating oscillometric method is adopted, the charging and discharging gas is rapid, no noise, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

Measurement parameters: systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, average pressure, heart rate and ECG can be measured.

Reminder: During the daytime period, there are buzzing sounds before and after the measurement to remind the subject to keep fit and ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. During the night hours, the instrument is muted to reduce interference with the patient.

Memory storage: Disassembling the battery does not affect the existing data in the recorder before the original record is cleared. It has the self-holding function after power off.

Conservation of consumables: good power-saving, 2 section 5 charge (or alkaline) battery, can measure 150 times blood pressure.

Sleeve anti-off: fan-shaped design, suitable for Asian arm, cotton high-woven fabric sleeve, comfortable for the wearer, and the cloth cover can be washed separately or high-temperature syrup
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