The Best Choice - RANOR Infrared Thermometer

Apr 29, 2021
With the continuous development of science and technology, various brands of infrared thermometer strong attack, in this competitive market, how infrared thermometer break through the pattern?
1、 with quality
Infrared thermometer is a temperature measurement equipment based on the principle of infrared radiation. It measures the infrared radiation of the object to be measured, so as to obtain the temperature of the object.
In many industrial occasions, non-contact infrared temperature measurement is very important. For example, it is used to control the whole production process, it can also be used to measure a tiny part to ensure the overall quality level.
With decades of R & D, production and communication with customers, ranor medical has produced numerous infrared thermometers. Can quickly provide customers with solutions for almost all applications. Some special application solutions are not listed in the product set below, but we can quickly
Provide customers with these appropriate solutions.
The temperature range of RANOR medical is 3500 ℃. There are different temperature ranges to choose from. It is designed for use in harsh industrial environments. The shell of the fixed thermometer is made of stainless steel or die cast aluminum, and the protection grade is IP65. The shell of the hand-held thermometer is made of solid aluminum or ABS plastic. The advanced design concept enables the buyer to use it more confidently.
2、 Perfect after sale system
Infrared thermometer has a special service center in China. In addition, RANOR medical has special technical engineers. Generally speaking, problems in use can be assured. In addition, if it is after-sales service, it will first give you time treatment, and the process is very perfect.
Accuracy is not only a parameter that can not be ignored, but also a factor valued by users. What are the factors that affect the accuracy of infrared thermometer? Have you ever known?
Environmental factors. For example, in the high temperature environment, the coating material of the infrared thermometer will melt, the solder joint will be civilized, and the stress structure in the elastomer will change. In this case, high temperature resistant infrared thermometer should be selected, and heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling devices should be added. Therefore, the measurement accuracy of infrared thermometer should be considered in advance, such as the impact of environmental measurement.
Emissivity. All objects have three states: reflected energy, transmitted energy and emitted energy. In these three states, only the emitted energy can make an object show its temperature, but the infrared thermometer can accept these three kinds of energy at the same time. Since only the emission energy can display the temperature of the object, it is only necessary to adjust the state of the infrared thermometer to read-only emission energy. The influence of the degree of temperature measurement of the infrared thermometer is caused by the infrared energy emitted by some other objects around.
The distance and position of the spot. In professional terms, this is the ratio of the distance between the infrared thermometer and the object and the spot size to be measured. And the larger the ratio is, the better the resolution of the infrared thermometer is, and the smaller the size of the measured spot is. On the contrary, the smaller the ratio is, the worse the resolution of the infrared thermometer is and the larger the size of the measured spot is. Infrared thermometer can measure the degree of small target.
Field of view. In the process of measurement, it is necessary to ensure that the size of the object to be measured is larger than the size of the spot. If the measured object is smaller, the infrared thermometer should be closer to the measured object. In order to get the value of extraordinary degree, it is necessary to ensure that the size of the measured object is twice that of the test spot.
Therefore, when choosing the infrared thermometer, all aspects should be considered. When communicating with professional technical personnel, you should tell your needs and site environment in detail, so as to better select the right model for you.