Precautions for using arm blood pressure monitor

Mar 22, 2021
  1. Before using an electronic blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure, you should rest for a few minutes to eliminate the effects of fatigue, excitement and other blood pressure. If after exercise, you must rest for 30 minutes before testing.


  1. Measure in a warm room and measure at the same time every day. The rise in blood pressure after waking up in the morning or lunch break conforms to the general law of blood pressure fluctuations. At this time, it can most truly reflect the highest blood pressure of the subject.


  1. The armband should be strapped appropriately, so that the main body and the heart in the center of the armband are at the same level.


  1. Relax before the measurement and take a few deep breaths; continuous measurement should be intermittent for 5 minutes; do not speak or shake your body during measurement.


  1. The arm cuff should not be rolled too tight or too loose, so that it can be easily put into the index finger, and the trachea should be located on the inside of the arm.


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