Misunderstandings in the use of infrared thermometers

Mar 08, 2021

Body temperature screening is an important means of epidemic prevention and control, but sometimes you don’t feel uncomfortable, and you will have a fever during the temperature measurement, and the temperature may even be lower than 35 degrees. This may be a mistake in your use. Let's take a look at the key points of using infrared thermometers.


Points to note when using infrared forehead thermometers:


The measurement position is in the forehead of the human body (the center of the forehead above the center of the eyebrows), and the measurement should be vertical. The probe head is generally within one centimeter from the forehead. The forehead should be free of coverings such as hair, and should be wiped dry if there is sweat.


Why is the value of the infrared forehead thermometer inaccurate?


First, it is easy to be affected by temperature and wind speed, which may cause measurement errors. Second, for people who have just finished exercising, the skin temperature measured by the forehead gun is likely to be too high. After being blown in the north wind for half an hour, the measured value may be off. Low, if the subject’s forehead is covered by hair, sweat, grease and dirt, it will also affect the reliability of the forehead thermometer.



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