Mercury Sphygmomanometer vs Electronic Sphygmomanometer

Dec 21, 2020
Before choosing a product, you should understand how different sphygmomanometers work. People's blood to all parts of the body need a certain pressure, this pressure is blood pressure. The normal range of blood pressure is: systolic blood pressure is between 90-140mmhg (12.0-18.7kpa), diastolic blood pressure is between 60-90mmhg (8.0-12.0kpa), higher than this range may be hypertension or borderline hypertension, lower than this range may be hypotension.

1. Working principle of mercury sphygmomanometer
Now the electronic upper arm blood pressure monitor is selling very hot, but careful friends will find that doctors in the hospital still use mercury sphygmomanometer. This is because the mercury sphygmomanometer uses auscultation method to measure blood pressure. In short, the cuff of the sphygmomanometer is bound to the position of brachial artery pulsation of the upper arm. Inflate and pressurize the brachial artery, and then deflate and decompress. With the decrease of the external pressure, the blood flow flushes the blood vessel again, and sends out the rhythm sound which is the same as the heart rhythm. When the "first tone" is detected by stethoscope, the external pressure displayed by the manometer is recorded as systolic pressure, and the last sound is recorded as diastolic pressure
The advantage of mercury sphygmomanometer is that it is suitable for most people, and there can be individual differences in blood pressure changes of patients. The disadvantage is that patients can not complete the measurement independently, and professional training personnel are needed to assist. The measurement value will vary with different operators. However, as long as the measurement deviation is within 5mmhg, it is acceptable.

2. Working principle of electronic sphygmomanometer
At present, most electronic sphygmomanometers use oscillographic method to measure blood pressure. Oscillometric blood pressure measurement is to establish the relationship between systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean pressure and cuff pressure shock wave to identify blood pressure. The acquisition of this algorithm mostly depends on the statistical analysis of the data obtained by large-scale population measurement, and the algorithms of different manufacturers are not unified. Therefore, the measurement values of different brands of electronic sphygmomanometers for the same patient will be different. The electronic sphygmomanometer uses the oscillographic method, which is based on the statistical law to calculate the blood pressure value. Therefore, for the individuals whose blood pressure change law is close to the statistical law, the measurement result is relatively accurate; for the individual whose blood pressure change is significantly different from the statistical law, the measurement result deviation will be larger. Therefore, the disadvantage of electronic sphygmomanometer is that it is not suitable for some special individuals. Its advantage is that patients can measure blood pressure independently, and the operation is simple,

We often say "blood pressure" in physical examination or measurement, usually refers to the body surface arterial pressure measured at the brachial artery of the upper arm. Therefore, the measurement of blood pressure here is the most accurate. Arm electronic sphygmomanometer measures the brachial artery, so the value is more accurate. For people with blood circulation disorders (with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, etc.), the arm electronic blood pressure monitor is more suitable. Wrist electronic sphygmomanometer is the "pulse pressure value" of wrist artery, so the measurement value will be biased. However, the wrist electronic sphygmomanometer has the characteristics of easy to carry, so it is more suitable for people on business and travel. For finger sphygmomanometers, it has been proved that it is not feasible to appear for a long time. Therefore, finger sphygmomanometers are not applicable to any population. We can save brain cells and do not need to consider it.
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