Forehead thermometer VS ear thermometer

Apr 19, 2021
Ear thermometer:

Features: dual purpose, both ear temperature and forehead temperature can be measured

Function: automatic measurement, accurate calculation, 1 second measurement, safe and easy to use

How to use: Remove the instrument cover, align the ear tympanic membrane to measure, gently pull the baby's ear to straighten the ear canal, press the measurement button, and the measurement will be completed after 1 second.

Note: Clean the ear wax before measuring. After using the ear thermometer, cover the lid to prevent dust.

Cleaning method: After each use of the ear thermometer, use a cotton swab to gently remove the earwax on the probe head.

Features: Interchange of human body model and room temperature model

Function: 1 second measurement, dual mode operation, penguin shape, backlight prompt

How to use: Point the instrument directly in front of your forehead and keep it level with the top of your forehead, press the measurement button, and you will hear a "beep: once, the measurement is over.

Note: Room temperature, after exercise or whether the forehead is dry will affect the accuracy of the measurement. Do not touch the eyes of the subject with the infrared light spot of the forehead thermometer.

Cleaning method: When the forehead temperature gun probe has grease, you can wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and let it stand for one minute before using or storing.

Summary: Ear thermometers are more commonly used in homes, hospitals, and kindergartens. Forehead temperature measurement is easily affected by external temperature, and ear temperature measurement is sometimes affected by ear wax.

The function of ear thermometer and forehead thermometer:

Ear thermometer function:

1. The measurement is more accurate 

The eardrum is also called the tympanic membrane. It is the earliest place to detect whether the human body has a fever. The ear thermometer measures the temperature of the human body through the eardrum, because the reflected value is more appropriate and the measurement result is more accurate. 

2. Intimate reminders, more at ease  

Most ear thermometers will have a buzzer or other notifications after the measurement is over. Such an intimate design makes mothers feel more at ease, and no longer have to look at the watch to calculate the time to see if the measurement is good. 

3. The memory function is convenient for comparison.

Many ear thermometers have a memory function, which can easily save the measured values ​​of the previous few times, so that mothers can compare, better grasp the baby's body temperature change, and understand the baby's health. 

4. Fever reminder 

Some ear thermometers are in the process of measuring body temperature. If the measured temperature exceeds a predetermined value, it will sound a reminder to warn the subject that the subject has a fever. Mothers no longer have to spend time and effort to compare the baby's basal body temperature, and can pay attention to the baby's health in the first place.

1. It can accurately measure human body temperature and replace the traditional mercury thermometer. Mothers who want to have a baby can use an infrared thermometer (forehead thermometer) to monitor basal body temperature at any time, record the body temperature during ovulation, and choose the right time to conceive, and can also measure the temperature to judge pregnancy and so on. Of course, the most important thing is to observe whether there is any abnormality in your body temperature at any time to avoid getting the flu.

2. The forehead thermometer can also measure the surface temperature of an object, for example, it can be used to measure the surface temperature of a teacup.

3. Measure the temperature of the liquid, such as the temperature of the baby's bath water. When the baby is bathing, measure the temperature of the water, no longer worry about cold or hot; you can also measure the water temperature of the milk bottle to facilitate the preparation of baby milk powder;

4. It can measure room temperature.

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