Choose electronic blood pressure monitors or mercury?

Apr 12, 2021
Many people with relevant background know that the accurate measurement of blood pressure depends on the arterial catheterization method, but this tool is not affordable for all people, and there are many limitations, so it is only used in cardiac catheterization procedures. The other two commonly used are electronic blood pressure monitors and mercury blood pressure monitor. Although these two tools can only obtain data as close to the real blood pressure as possible, they can also serve as a good reference value.

Which of these two blood pressure monitors is better? In fact, compared with mercury blood pressure monitors, electronic blood pressure monitors can be more convenient, simple to operate, and can reduce environmental pollution. It is a highly recommended blood pressure monitor. Specifically, it has the following advantages.

The first is that mantissa preference can be reduced or eliminated.

Mercury blood pressure monitors like to habitually record blood pressure readings as the last 0 or 5 mmHg. And in the actual operation of doctors, it is found that the incidence of this kind of mantissa preference is not low, which will easily cause doctors to make wrong judgments. But if you use an electronic blood pressure monitor, you can reduce and eliminate the mantissa preference.

The second is that simultaneous measurement of multiple parts can be achieved.

This function means that the electronic blood pressure monitor can effectively evaluate the difference in blood pressure between the arms and extremities. This measurement method can reduce human error and eliminate differences caused by blood pressure fluctuations at different times and different mental states.

The third is to do self-service blood pressure measurement.

This is also an advantage formed by the improvement of the oscillometric electronic blood pressure monitor. This instrument can work on its own, allowing the patient to be alone in the clinic, and the instrument can accurately measure automatically without the presence of medical personnel.

The fourth is to have memory function.

The auxiliary starting device of the electronic blood pressure monitor includes a memory function, but it can realize ambulatory blood pressure measurement.