Don't let Inferior forehead temperature gun affect the epidemic prevention

Jan 03, 2021

During the epidemic period, in addition to masks, forehead temperature guns, which can quickly measure the temperature, have also become popular goods. Before the middle of March this year, the market price of forehead infrared thermometer gun once soared to more than 400 yuan per piece. The Beijing News reporter found that during this period, some illegal traders made profits through the production and sale of the "Inferior forehead temperature gun", and even some people cheated millions of yuan at a time through online transactions.

After the epidemic situation was basically controlled, all localities accelerated the pace of returning to work and production. Enterprises, community entrance guards, supermarkets and so on, all needed the forehead temperature gun to measure their body temperature. The forehead temperature gun became the "standard configuration" for enterprises to resume work and production, which also made it difficult to get a single gun for a time. But forehead gun is in short supply, and many people want to fish in troubled waters. For example, there are "speculators" and "downers" who bid up the price of forehead infrared thermometer guns and hoard them. At the same time, there are also a large number of three no forehead temperature gun into the market. It is understood that three no products occupy half of the forehead infrared thermometer market.

The forehead temperature gun is a medical device, which is strictly examined and approved. Illegal traders evade the examination and approval, and sell Inferior products by paying for market certificates. And three no products behind the formation of a complete black interest chain. For example, there are companies in the market that help Inferior products to "wash white" CE certification. Some businesses say that within 8000 yuan to 15000 yuan, they can help enterprises complete the inspection of national standards, but the product quality does not matter. There are not only "Inferior forehead temperature gun" in the "underground", but also some officially recognized forehead temperature guns in the market. This is because in some places, in order to return to production as soon as possible and relax the entry threshold, the product quality of some production enterprises is not satisfactory, and the regulatory authorities even "turn a blind eye".

The forehead temperature gun is an indispensable part of epidemic prevention and control. Allowing the three no forehead temperature guns to flood the market will even lead to the terrible consequences of "opening" the epidemic prevention defense line, and may destroy the hard won epidemic prevention and control situation, which is not a warning.

The market supervision department should strengthen the supervision, strictly investigate and deal with the Inferior Erwen gun, do a good job in source control, crack down on the producers of Inferior products, investigate and deal with the profiteer of Inferior products, the merchants and intermediaries who manufacture and sell false certificates, so as to form a "whole chain" from production to sales A strike ". In addition, for the regular production enterprises of e-gun, we should also strengthen the supervision. We should not let the problem products flow into the market in order to alleviate the market supply and demand. We should conduct dynamic supervision and whole process supervision on the product quality of the production enterprises. At the same time, efforts should be made to improve the production capacity and supply capacity of the forehead temperature gun. In a word, the forehead temperature gun should not only "guarantee the quantity" but also "guarantee the quality".

Forehead temperature gun is responsible for the role of "epidemic prevention spear". Epidemic prevention and control is a battle without gunpowder smoke. The forehead infrared thermometer infrared thermometer gun is an important weapon to stop the plague devil. The existence of the fake forehead infrared thermometer infrared thermometer gun will make the "epidemic prevention weapons" fail, and the epidemic demons will have opportunities to take advantage of. We should not allow fake forehead temperature guns to flow into the market, and let the supply of forehead temperature guns "guarantee quality" and "quantity", so as to make up for this "major gap" in the defense line of epidemic prevention and control.

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