Distance of infrared thermometer

Jan 03, 2021
If your thermometer is 10 cm away from the object to be measured, then what you measure is the temperature of the central area with the red dot as the center and 1 cm in diameter. If it is one millimeter, it is difficult to measure with infrared thermometer.
In the past 20 years, the non-contact infrared body thermometer has been developed rapidly in technology, its performance has been improved, its function has been enhanced, its varieties have been increasing and its scope of application has been expanding. Compared with the contact temperature measurement method, infrared temperature measurement has the advantages of fast response time, non-contact, safe use and long service life. The non-contact infrared thermometer includes three series: portable, on-line and scanning type. It is equipped with various options and computer software. Each series has various models and specifications. It is very important for the user to choose the right model of infrared thermometer among different types of thermometer.
Objects whose temperature is above absolute zero will radiate infrared rays due to their own molecular motion. After the power signal radiated by the object is converted into electrical signal by the infrared detector, the output signal of the imaging device can completely simulate the spatial distribution of the temperature on the surface of the scanned object one by one. After being processed by the electronic system, the thermal image corresponding to the thermal distribution on the surface of the object is obtained. By using this method, the remote thermal state image and temperature measurement of the target can be realized and analyzed.
The red laser is only used to assist aiming. Please do not aim the laser at the eyes or turn off the laser when measuring the human body.
The principle of infrared thermometer is based on the principle of Planck and potzman's law. The non-contact infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of the object by absorbing the infrared energy radiated from the human body surface, that is, the infrared probe converts the detected infrared energy into electrical signal, and then converts it into temperature reading through circuit calculation.
The non-contact thermometer can measure accurately and accurately, so it is necessary to select the instrument with better accuracy.
How far is the measurement appropriate?
Please pay attention to the distance coefficient marked by the instrument. Generally, the larger the coefficient is, the smaller the target can be measured at the same distance, or the same large target can be measured at a longer distance.
It is required that the measured person stay in the measurement environment for a long time as far as possible; the measurement site should be indoor as far as possible, and avoid direct sunlight, infrared radiation thermometer and the forehead of the measured person; the distance of the measured person should be accurately estimated; the forehead temperature of a person is generally 1-3 ℃ lower than the armpit temperature, so the armpit temperature data with fever should be converted into forehead temperature data.
The infrared ear thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the ear, which can be finished within one second. Because the ear membrane and ear canal are less affected by the external environment, the infrared ear thermometer can accurately measure the body temperature. The ear temperature is generally 0.4 ℃ higher than the armpit temperature. This is the indication value of infrared ear thermometer. The temperature data of armpit with fever should be converted into ear temperature data;
In order to ensure the accuracy and stability of infrared radiation thermometer, it should be calibrated regularly with the standard calibration device; the non-contact infrared radiation thermometer is divided into industrial and medical two types, the medical infrared radiation thermometer should be selected when measuring body temperature, because the industrial use is relatively wide range, low resolution and large error; all kinds of infrared thermometer according to the measurement accuracy from high to low: Medical Thermometer, infrared ear thermometer, body surface infrared radiation thermometer.
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