Difference Between Infrared Thermometer and Digital Thermometer

Dec 25, 2020

Although the intelligent infrared thermometer has been on the market for a long time, many manufacturers claim that the infrared thermometer can produce intelligence, but customers who often use the intelligent infrared thermometer will find that the intelligent infrared thermometer needs to improve some technical problems, mainly in the following aspects.

First of all, how to send encryption to ensure the authority of each group of data. Now there is no intelligent infrared thermometer data security function, can not be applied in many cases, secondly, how to reduce the demand for power when communication transmitter. It is convenient for on-site debugging and maintenance, which is a problem to be solved. Thirdly, how other transmitter information measurement content, such as temperature, static pressure of processing medium, differential pressure thermometer, can be displayed on the intelligent terminal alone. In order to realize one machine multi-purpose meter. Finally, there is also a problem of how to break through the situation of communication protocol, standardized communication and open technology.

Although the price of the intelligent infrared thermometer is slightly higher than that of the traditional analog infrared thermometer, its performance price ratio is higher than that of the conventional instrument. The reasonable selection of intelligent infrared thermometer can help to improve the work efficiency of self-control staff, reduce the workload of the instrument, reduce spare parts, broaden ideas, new methods, new ideas of work, solve problems, and ultimately improve the level of production process automation. Therefore, we have listed several technical problems, which must be finished early, so as not to hinder the development of intelligent infrared thermometer.

What is the difference between digital pressure gauge infrared thermometer and infrared thermometer? The pressure measured by infrared thermometer with digital pressure gauge is a relatively common device in industry, and there are certain relations and differences between them

As you know, infrared thermometers usually have absolute pressure, differential pressure, infrared thermometers, thermometers, and sealed gauge pressure thermometers at pressures used to convert signals to our analytical electrical signals. The digital pressure gauge has the advantages of high precision, stable performance and easy operation. It is widely used for measuring gas pressure, negative pressure, differential pressure, and measuring air pressure and wind speed with epithelial tube instrument, environmental monitoring station, blower pipe, purification workshop, laboratory, air conditioning, heating, etc The ideal instrument for thermal and fire safety. The pressure gauge is the digital output of different infrared thermometers. The pressure gauge is used to measure half of atmospheric pressure, negative pressure and differential pressure. The pressure gauge can be used with other thermometers to measure multiple data, which is very convenient.

It is very helpful for us to understand the difference between infrared thermometer and pressure gauge. In general, industrial infrared thermometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure only when necessary. Therefore, infrared thermometer and pressure gauge are very good differences. Generally, manufacturers of infrared thermometer have pressure gauge.

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