Can the infrared forehead thermometer be used to measure the wrist instead of the forehead?

Mar 29, 2021

Reasons why infrared forehead thermometers recommend measuring forehead:


First of all, from the physiological structure of the wrist, the blood vessels are dense, the subcutaneous tissue is thin, and there is a significant temperature difference between the blood vessels and the non-blood vessels, which often exceeds plus or minus 1 degree, and it is impossible to output a stable measurement value. The wrist temperature alone is not evaluated by itself. Have measurement value. When the body temperature fluctuates, it adjusts the dilation or contraction of peripheral blood vessels to regulate body temperature. During the process of body temperature rise, due to peripheral vasoconstriction, the temperature of the hands and feet (including the wrists, feet and wrists) should be cooler than usual. When the body temperature reaches a low thermal stability, the blood vessels of the skin expand and the skin surface temperature rises, so the temperature of the wrist may be higher than usual. Usually high.


Therefore, wrist temperature cannot accurately express the body's state of fever. In clinical practice, wrist temperature has never been used as a basis for clinical judgment, and there is no product that uses wrist temperature to indicate body temperature.


 Taking body temperature with a forehead gun when entering public places is only the first line of defense in screening for fever. To determine whether you have a fever, it is best to use a more accurate mercury thermometer or ear temperature infrared thermometer to measure it.



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